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13th Birthday

On this special day, my dearest daughter,
Thirteen years have passed, how time does flutter.
A milestone reached, a new chapter begun,
I look at you with pride, my shining sun.

From the moment you entered this world so bright,
You brought joy and laughter, a pure delight.
With each passing year, you’ve grown so strong,
A beautiful soul, a spirit that belongs.

Your laughter is music, a symphony of glee,
Your dreams like stars, shining endlessly.
You’re brave and kind, with a heart so pure,
With every step you take, you’ll surely endure.

Thirteen candles flicker, casting their glow,
I cherish every moment, watching you grow.
Your smile lights up the darkest of days,
Guiding us through life’s winding maze.

As you embark on this journey anew,
Know that I’m here, always beside you.
Through ups and downs, highs and lows,
Together, we’ll face whatever life throws.


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